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Raiffeisen Tech is a joint IT Platform of Raiffeisen Tech GmbH and Raiffeisen Bank International AG (Spółka Akcyjna) Oddział w Polsce. 

Pozyczka gotowkowa Raiffeisen Digital Bank

We are Raiffeisen Tech

Looking towards the future and for you.
Our platform Raiffeisen Tech unites IT talents, providing technical excellence to Raiffeisen Bank International Group.


Today, we create the tomorrow of the financial industry.


Raiffeisen Tech enables RBI Group to be the best in their field.


Powered by IT talents, at Raiffeisen Tech we build technology that helps to reinvent the banking business.

Pozyczka gotowkowa Raiffeisen Digital Bank

What to expect when working at Raiffeisen Tech

There are several good reasons why you should choose to work with us

  • Join international teams building IT products for the financial industry​
  • Face interesting challenges and deal with latest technologies​
  • Work in an agile way closely with Business and IT experts​
  • Enjoy team spirit, collaboration and tech communities​
  • Find personal and professional development, career opportunities and access to education​
Pozyczka gotowkowa Raiffeisen Digital Bank

Our location

We started in Poland, we will continue in Kosovo and Romania

Why Raiffeisen?

You are sure to be in safe hands

RBI Group is an established and award-winning banking group in Central and Eastern Europe.

We have expertise & experience

You benefit from the expertise and experience of our advisors, which is internationally recognized.

We are the most recommended bank

We pride ourselves to be working for the leading bank in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.