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Copyright law

The contents offered on this website and subsites (hereinafter: the Raiffeisen Tech Website) are protected by copyright law. Also, the trademarks used on Raiffeisen Tech Website are protected in accordance with the applicable trademark legislation.   The downloading or storage of applications or programs contained on the Raiffeisen Tech Website and the (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission, modification or linking of the contents of the Raiffeisen Tech Website shall only be permitted with the prior express and written consent of Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L.

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Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L. does not assume any liability for the content of websites or URLs of other providers to which links are provided. Neither does Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L. assume any liability for the uninterrupted availability or full functionality of the links to websites or URLs of third parties.

Raiffeisen Tech Romania   S.R.L.
Registered Office:
Bucharest, District 1, 246C Calea Floreasca, Sky Tower Office   Building, Floor 4, Office no. 5

Company Register Number
 J40/8042/2024 at the Trade Registry Office   near Bucharest Tribunal

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Information content, timeliness of information

Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L. has made every effort to ensure reliability in researching the information published on this Website as well as in selecting the source of information used. Nonetheless, Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L. does not assume any liability whatsoever for the correctness, completeness, timeliness or uninterrupted availability of the information made available on its Website or as regards the sources of information used.

Exclusion of liability

Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L. makes no warranty and will accept no   liability for any damages whatsoever (including consequential or indirect damages,   or lost profits) relating to the access to the Raiffeisen Tech Website, the opening, use or querying of the contents on the Website   or relating to the links set up on the Website to websites or URLs of third   parties. This also applies to those cases in which Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L.   has been informed of the possibility of such damages occurring. Furthermore,  Raiffeisen Tech Romania S.R.L. shall not be   liable for technical disruptions such as server breakdowns, operating   disruptions or failures of the telecommunications links and other similar   events, which could lead to the (temporary) unavailability of the Raiffeisen Tech Website as a whole or parts of it and/or result in the (temporary) unavailability.

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Please note our information on "Data Protection and Use of Cookies" of our Website.