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Apex team togeteher in a picture Apex is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate efficient and reliable data transfers.


Empowering Data Ingestion

About the project and product

Data Ingestion Framework is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the efficient and reliable transfer of data from various sources to a target destination. It offers a robust set of features, including seamless data reading from diverse sources, transformation capabilities, and the ability to efficiently save processed data to the desired endpoint. By providing a step-by-step pipeline, the framework simplifies the data ingestion process, reducing manual effort and ensuring data integrity. Furthermore, it facilitates the creation of data products is also possible, enabling you to build transformation logic for the ingested data. 

Time, mode

The Ingestion Framework has been operational for over two years now, during which time we have successfully onboarded numerous group data source systems, including the Group Data Warehouse. Built on Databricks, it's capable of handling vast volumes of data efficiently.

Ingest, process, deliver – your data’s journey to excellence starts here.

Our approach - how we created the product

We actively nurture and sustain the data ingestion framework for the entire Cloud Data Integration service within the Group. Our solution is developed using Agile Methodology, allowing us to continually expand its capabilities and incorporate features tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Collaboration is key

As integral members of the APEX team, we collaborate remotely with colleagues from Poland and Vienna to consistently meet customer expectations and fulfill their requests. Our focus is on enhancing the product with a robust set of features, and we are continuously striving to incorporate new functionalities.

Measurable outcomes for customers

Scalability in Data Ingestion: Leveraging distributed computing capabilities, our solution efficiently manages vast volumes of data, facilitating seamless movement from point A to point B.
Data Structuring: We adeptly handle data ingestion across diverse formats, encompassing unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data, organising it into a structured format for immediate usability by our counterparts.

Standardisation of Group Data Sources: Through our custom-built Data Ingestion Framework, we streamline the standardisation process for vast volumes of data originating from different network unit banks within the group. This standardised data product is formatted uniformly, ensuring accessibility for numerous counterparts whenever required.

Pre-packaged Code for Data Product Development: Through our comprehensive code repository, we offer pre-built code packages that serve as a foundational resource for counterparties seeking to develop data products for diverse purposes within the bank. These packaged codes provide a simplified starting point, facilitating the transformation of data to meet a range of requirements

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