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Anna Klimek

About Anna

Read what Anna Klimek has to say about working at Raiffeisen Tech.

Passionate about Business Development and Collaboration

Meet Anna Klimek, our valued team member responsible for Raiffeisen Tech's business development and a key part of our General Management. She ensures our division runs smoothly and supports the entire organization with innovative technological solutions.

When we asked Anna about our team's strengths, she highlighted the "learn, unlearn & relearn" principle, which fosters continuous development. She also praised the Raiffeisen Tech team's willingness to collaborate and support each other in tackling any challenge, as she genuinely enjoys working with people 🤝

Anna appreciates our modern approach to tasks, which emphasises assertiveness and a healthy work-life balance. In her free time, she indulges in reading books, traveling with her family, taking long walks with her dog Ginger and practicing yoga. Thankfully, at Raiffeisen Tech, she has no problem pursuing her passions!