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About Barbara

Find out what Barbara Radziszewska says about working at Raiffeisen Tech.

UX Team Manager with great experience and equally impressive seniority

Basia Radziszewska joined our company in February 2019, when the office space proudly consisted of... two rooms 😉 So she is one of the most experienced employees at Raiffeisen Tech! Since then, we've grown and today we're a much bigger team that two rooms is definitely not enough! 

Respect, openness to other points of view and a good working atmosphere are the aspects that Basia values most at Raiffeisen Tech. She likes that the team is able to work together, but also to have fun and celebrate successes. Before working with us, Basia was in market research for seven years. Therefore she tries to convince everyone that a new idea is worth testing with users before implementation. This is beneficial for everyone.

For Basia, it is important that the company cares about her not only as an employee, but also as a human being constantly striving for development. Because she chose Raiffeisen Tech, she can fulfil herself and has time for her passions. Basia loves cats, is a fan of Depeche Mode and old rock.  She is also mum to two boys, so she can't complain about a lack of activities.