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Ewelina Kulesza

About Ewelina

Read what Ewelina Kulesza has to say about working at Raiffeisen Tech.

A Dedicated Business Analyst and Advocate for Personal Development

Meet Ewelina Kulesza is our talented Business Analyst on the Copernicus team at Raiffeisen Tech. Her role revolves around understanding, organising, and documenting business requirements.

Ewelina greatly values the flexibility of remote work offered at Raiffeisen Tech. This arrangement allows her to focus and be even more effective in her role. What she particularly admires about Raiffeisen Tech is the inclusive environment that encourages everyone to share their ideas, contributing to a friendly and collaborative work atmosphere.

According to Ewelina, individuals who embrace challenges and seek personal growth will thrive in our organization. Raiffeisen Tech provides a motivating and secure environment where continuous learning from one another is highly valued!

During her free time, Ewelina enjoys exercising at home with kettlebell weights, indulging in books, and spending quality time with friends. For her, free time serves as a refreshing break from work, as she separates the two worlds.