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Lukasz Korza

About Lukasz

Read what Lukasz Korza has to say about working at Raiffeisen Tech.

The Talented Senior Administrator at Raiffeisen Tech

Allow us to introduce Lukasz Korza, our exceptional Senior Administrator at Raiffeisen Tech. Lukasz excels in his role, where he focuses on maintaining the high availability of systems, automating and monitoring applications deployed and migrated to the cloud. Another crucial aspect of his work involves ensuring cost optimization in the cloud.

Lukasz highly values the management style we've cultivated at Raiffeisen Tech. He appreciates having a supervisor who acts more as a mentor rather than a manager, as this dynamic constantly motivates him to grow and develop. In his opinion, the foundation of a well-functioning organization lies in a competent management team and a healthy work-life balance. At Raiffeisen Tech, we excel in both areas! 👏

One of the significant advantages of working with us, according to Lukasz, is our utilization of convenient and modern tools, coupled with a strong culture of knowledge sharing about technology among team members. Lukasz's passion lies in cloud technologies and IT security. Outside of work, he has a deep fondness for animals and shares his life with three cats, a dog, and a turtle. When it comes to vacations, he enjoys exploring exotic countries with his wife. However, he always finds joy in returning to the Polish mountains, where he embarks on his favorite activity: backpacking with his beloved dog.

We are fortunate to have Lukasz as a valuable member of our team at Raiffeisen Tech, where his expertise and passion shine bright.